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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  December 6, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EST

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good thursday morning. i'm allison seymour. >> and i'm tony perkins. we'll see what that's all about. gwen is in the weather center and has the latest on the forecast. >> how do i follow that? we'll try. we have some cool conditions across the area. not quite as warm as we've had and totally spoiled. back to reality folks with cooler conditions and temperatures actually below the seasonal average as opposed to above. here's a look at satellite radar. we are talking sunshine today. the skies will end up being bright. we have 37 at dc. 35 at baltimore. a lot cooler to the west. and 34 at dulles. so the winds are calm today. we don't have to
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worry about windchills and as far as our highs are concerned, expected to be in the 40s. but that sun will be evident all day long across the area and that's at least good news. 46 for your daytime high. changes ahead in the weekend forecast. i'll have that later. back to you. >> first this hour, a traffic watch and a messy commute on the outer loop of the beltway at 270. a truck full of pineapple flipped over causing major back ups. julie wright was on this story all morning long. took a long time to get the pineapple loaded. this is video from a few hours ago. but the right lane is still shut down. crews are going to try to get the truck back on to its wheels after rush hour winds down. >> turning now to some of our top stories. still no deal between republicans and the
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president to avoid the so-called fiscal cliff. speaker john boehner spoke by phone yesterday. visit a northern virginia family today to highlight his call to extend current tax rates to 98% of americans. the two sides are at a stalemate over raising taxes on incomes more than $250,000 a year. however, house majority leader erik canter says the go p is ready to quote talk specifics. >> the serian army has loaded deadly gas into aerial bombs. something president obama has strongly warned against. the military is waiting for orders from the president to deploy the chemical weapons. this morning a blast hit the headquarters as fierce fighting rages in the suburbs. the german government approved sending air defense to
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boarders. and in egypt, violent crashes led to 40 deaths and injuries. up until now the muslim brother hood which supports president morsi and protestors have demonstrated in different areas. the two sides resorted to rocks , fire bombs and they even fired shots at each other. right now tanks are outside the presidential palace and the army told the protestors to clear out by this morning. morsi is going ahead with a vote on a new constitution. due to address the nation later today. >> happening now, students are back at school this morning at the robinson secondary school in northern virginia. >> continue to investigate how a gun ended up in a student az locker. melanie is live at the school now with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, tony and allison.
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after the incident was cleared yesterday, the school principal said students were never in any danger. i think parents here would like to have a few more answers to questions before they feel confident about that. want to know how many students were involved and want to know what kind of gun it was. and also want to know what was the motivation? why did the gun end up in school in the first place. they were notified about the gun and the ones who found it. there was an ammunition magazine in the weapon but didn't release any other details about what led school officials to the locker and didn't release the student's age, gender or grade level. a letter was e-mailed to parents by the principal and said they are quote taking this situation very seriously and appropriate disciplinary action will be taken. and refers to more than one student saying the suspects
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involved have been identified. the school is continuing to monitor the situation to ensure the safety of staff and students. we know that parents were e-mailed about it. students were not told during the school day about what was going on. there's a judgment call there. you wouldn't want to cause alarm. but some parents said they wish their students did know about it. and encouraged parents to still down and talk with students about what happened here so they know what to do if this situation ever comes up again. hopefully it won't. >> all right. thank you very much, melanie. >> and it is now 5 minutes after 9:00. new this morning, former delegate tiffany austin is out of office. a judge ruled that austin was out of office following her october plea deal relating to office misconduct. also the nomination of greg hall
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to replace her can be withdrawn. this after details of a troubled past for hall have come forward. this means governor martin omalley is free to choose who he wants. more support for a push to crack down on texting while driving in virginia. legislation is in the works that would classify texting behind the wheel as reckless driving. the crime commission has anountsed support. not expected to be taken up until early next year. >> a milestone for gay marriage in maryland. today same sex couples with get marriage licenses but won't go into affect until january 1st. sign a prok cli medication -- not all court clerks will begin to issue the licenses.
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but will be available in montgomery county and baltimore city. in washington state the governor signed the gay marriage law yesterday and same sex couples were able to get wedding licenses. many lined up outside an administration building in seattle. voters there also approved gay marriage in a november referendum. other stories making headlines. the foreign ministry still hasn't decided whether to send john mcafee back. he did that in guatemala city yesterday. he said he fears for his safety because he has sensitive information about official. >> there will be a funeral for a man after he got pushed on to
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the subway tracks. that man's wife says they had fought and he had been drinking. he had a bottle of vodka on him as he was killed. the homeless man accused of pushing him was bothering people. that's when the argument broke out and he was pushed on to the tracks. >> you don't hear this too often. 911 dispatchers got a call for help from a burglary suspect. christopher more is accused of breaking into a home. james and his wife and two children were asleep at the time. jero said he woke up grabbed his pistol and cornered a man. he is now facing burglary charges. and in london, duchess kate left the hospital where she was treated for morning sickness.
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>> the duchess smiled as she walked out of the hospital alongside her husband prince william a few hours ago. treated for acute morning sickness. royal officials say kate is less than 12 weeks pregnant. as we spent time with family and friends, it's important to remember these less fortunate. nearly a million people in our area are in need of food. >> wisdom martin introduces us to some people helping and find out how you can help too with our annual stuff a truck food drive which is tomorrow. >> before we take you to the break, a precious site is set to go on sale today. the world's largest cut dom pedro will be available for the public's eye. mined in brazil during the 1980s and named for the country's two emperors. we'll be right back.
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you know what that music means? stuff a truck. >> time to stuff a truck. >> many of you do give to charities and non-profits at this time of year. >> think of the capitol area food bank. you have a chance to help them out tomorrow during our annual stuff a truck food drive. wisdom is back with more on the needs of the hungry right here locally in our area. >> this is a big need and we need people to come out and help us stuff those trucks. it is greater and greater every year. talked with the volunteers who give so others can have. >> each thursday a crowd of people young and old come to the rolling crest community center. they are here to get food. >> when i started three years ago helping out, we averaged
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about 100, 150 people. now 200 to 300 people every week. and that's just people. that's not families. that's 2 or 300 people that come in to provide for their families. >> nearly a million people are struggling to get life's most basic need. >> 1 in 2 children under 18 are going without life's most basic need is food. >> it's a sign of the times. >> i love the people's faces when they come in there. they stand out in the hot and cold and come in here cause they need the food. >> at this location it's about produce. >> it may be feeding 3 or 4 different families. >> making sure the people get what they need are the volunteers. in all the food bank says there are 700 partner agencies involved in the effort to feed the hungry. >> to be able to give something of our time to help people in
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need is what's critical. you see it everyday. you see people in need. if you are going to work, take the time away to give something to the community. >> it's a lot of needs in the community and a lot of needs everywhere. >> for those of us who have been fortunate enough to have time or energy or money to give back, there's a lot of need to be fulfilled. >> each volunteer donating time and effort to make sure those in need have food to eat. >> it warms my heart to see some people really appreciate this. >> we invite you to join us tomorrow at the following giant food locations. brentwood from 6 to 10. come out and say hi and bring donations. and montrose crossing, holly morris will be there.there are 12 additional stores taking your donations. you can find those locations on our web site
9:16 am and tomorrow you will be able to donate money over the phone, online and by text. it's a very worthy cause. if nothing else, just come out and bring some food. bring anything. in the land of plenty like this, this shouldn't be an issue. there's plenty of food. it's amazing to see all the people who are in need. >> i think it does put a small dent at least here. >> you do what you can. every little bit helps .. >> thank you, sir. see you tomorrow. >> we have a consumer alert for you now. be careful next time you go to post a review of a company on the internet. a woman is being sued by the man she hired to do handy work after he says she posted negative comments about him on yelp and angie's list. he's suing her for defamation. defamation lawsuits can be difficult to win because of the importance of free speech. >> the harsh reality is these
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days you are going to have to fight in the open market of free speech. if someone gives you a negative review, you need to go back and say listen i respect that review but this is why i think what i did is correct. use your own free speech to your advantage. >> that is a lawyer who is an expert on those issues. yesterday a judge ruled any allegations associated with this case needed to be removed from the web sites. yelp has pulled the entire review. with the new year approaching, a lot of people are thinking about goals. if you are one of the many hoping to shed pounds, we have quite the inspirational story for you. you will meet a man who lost half his weight and he'll tell us how he did it. >> holly has been helping us get into the holiday spirit this morning. >> reporter: good morning. i'm taking in the early morning rehearsal as they are gearing up for the lighting of the national
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christmas tree. coming up we're going to talk about the stars that will grace the stage and how you make sure you don't miss the performance. it's all later on fox 5 morning news. >> sunday's battle of the beltways has an extra meaning for local leaders. there's howard county executive. he's a raven's fan. and offered a waiver to a skin's fan. if baltimore wins, baker will have to wear a raven's jersey. let's get his size cause he will be wearing that. baker accepted the bet through his facebook page. just 12 games into his career and rgiii has already made the hall of fame. kind of. broke cam newton's rushing record on monday night. he has
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714 rush yards on the season. headed to canton to be put on exhibit. good for him. 9:18 now. we'll be back. ♪ [ female announcer ] at yoplait, we want you to feel even better about your favorite flavors. so when you call, tweet, and post, we listen. that's why yoplait light and yoplait original are now made with no high fructose corn syrup. and why we use only natural colors and natural flavors in yoplait original.
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encouraging news this morning for breast cancer patients. a new study shows taking the drug tomoxafin for a decade instead of five years. these findings are a surprise because earlier research suggested taking the drug for longer than five years could do more harm than good. an alarming number of people get behind the wheel while tired. that includes bus drivers. holding a meeting to focus on fatigue. the meeting comes after concerns some drivers were working excessively long shifts. officials say they are already working on changes
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for rail and bus operators that emphasize reasonable hours plus training and employee awareness. >> maryland man who had gotten dangerously obese is telling his inspirational weight loss story. dan returned to sath hagers town high school to talk with students at his heaviest he ballooned to 625 pounds. then he got an email from a friend of a friend. the two men worked out together five to six days a week. dan has cut his weight to 315 pounds. >> in two years i sat on the couch and ate myself to death. the first thing i do is look in that mirror and i may have those days where it's cold outside. you have to do it. i'm aware of that. i like breathing. i like feeling good . i like looking better.
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>> at his lowest point he thought he had no purpose. now he is addicting to helping others. bravo. 625 pounds to 3 315 pounds. >> that is hard to do. it is hard to do. good for him. hope he keeps it up. the first student built home will be unveiled today. we're chatting with special guests to learn how one academy is helping students building their features and a sneak peak at the finished product. >> who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks? if you want to do more than just doing that. why these dogs are taking over the driver's seat instead. a message from a service member overseas. >> hi, captain cox at ford operating base in rc south
9:25 am
afghanistan. wanting to say merry christmas and i love you to my wife and son and all the family in dc. miss you guys. can't wait to see you. 
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with resolve deep clean powder. the moist powder removes three times more dirt than vacuuming alone while neutralizing odors for a clean you can see, smell and really enjoy. don't just vacuum clean. resolve clean. could they be the world's first driving dogs? i suspect so. the spca teamed up in new zealand to teach three dogs how to drive. been practicing on paw active accelerators. this is part of an effort to highlight the intelligence of abandoned dogs and the need for millions of them to be adopted. put to the test monday night when they try to drive a real car in front of a national audience. that will put them under pressure i think. stay tuned. we will have the
9:29 am
results hopefully next tuesday. >> is somebody in there driving? i don't like it. >> i don't like it either. >> it was interesting. >> i'm sure it's going to be on a closed course. >> they sure are cute. >> i'm being told the driver there will be a human driver who will be able to control the car as well. >> it's like driving school. they have a driver next to you with the brake and the gas. >> i'm wondering if there's no other way to exhibit intelligence. >> maybe they are saying if you rescue one of these dogs, they drive themselves to your house. >>. >> might be good for people who are disabled and need some help.
9:30 am
who knows. >> let's check out the pet of the day. this morning we say hello to two adorable pups. they are lachee and shadow on the right. the owner said they were santa's best visitors. look at shadow. >> adorable. >> great santa too. >> all right, gwen. weather for us? >> i have weather for you. temperatures really dropping a lot compared to where we have been. first we head to 70s and 60s. today, we have the 40s. temperatures are going to be below seasonal average. lots of sunshine today with those temperatures dropping quite a bit. we have a weekend warmup. going to see the temperature rise in time for the weekend.
9:31 am
spotty showers and chances in for sunday. right now a few high clouds across the area. ridge of high pressure in control today and that's going to set us up for a fair amount of sunshine today. the skies will be bright. make sure you dress warm if you are heading out anywhere. 37 at reagan national this hour. 38 at fredericksburg. 34 at dulles. baltimore at 35 this hour. and we've got 36 degrees at culpeper. winds are light and that's going to remain the story of the day. this ridge of high pressure giving us sunshine and chilly. and as we take a look at our highs, we are expecting them to move into the mid 40s or so. keeping an eye on a frontal system, rain chances and he we move through into sunday and monday. tonight a little lift to the west. could see chances of rain across areas of the highlands and west virginia pan handle or cold enough and the
9:32 am
temperature drops, could see freezing rain. that's the same story. we'll keep an eye on that for you. sunshine, light winds, 43 degrees. and as we head through into the course of the afternoon, a high of about 46. should be about 50. this is below the seasonal average. and that's what we're going to see from the winds pushing in from the northeast and southeast. plenty of sunshine. as far as the 7 day forecast is concerned, expect to see a rise in temperatures into the weekend. chance of showers on sunday. could see some of that lingering through for monday as well. and when you get back to the beginning of the week, temperatures will be into the 60s and 50s by drier air. let's check in now with allison. >> thank you very much. >> coming up, remembering a jazz legend this morning. a look at some of the historic accomplishments. >> plus, who is up for music's coveted awards. the buzz bin is next.  there is no mass-produced human.
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the nominations for the 2013 grammy awards are in. and 6 different artists tied for top nominee. they are kanye west, jay z, frank ocean. i love that song. dan of the black keys. mumford and sons. and the pop band fun. call me maybe up for song of the year. the grammies air on february 10th. and remembering a legend. jazz composure dave b urbeck has died. he passed away yesterday in connecticut one day before his 92nd birthday. >> he began jazz career during world war ii.
9:37 am
three years later, he was the first modern jazz musician to be on the cover of time magazine. his hit album timeout features the song take five which you are hearing now became the first jazz record to sell a million copies and it has never gone out of print since its release in 1959. truly one of the giants of not just jazz but music. very influential. different things in terms of the time signatures and all of that. very sad. >> i suspect there will be a moving tribute to him on the grammies we just talked about. i would suspect so. absolutely right. i want to thank my mom to introducing me to the music. >> wonderful. that's nice. okay. as we take you to the break, showing you the holiday spirit is in full gear. and it's thanks to this guy right here. one of the guests that will appear on the christmas
9:38 am
tree lighting on the big show tonight. that is one mr. baby face doing his rehearsals. they start that early. >> they sure do. where has he been? >> i love baby face. >> me too. >> holly will take us live next. next. >> also prolonging your mums and christmas tree. derek thomas is here with tips. you need the trees to last. plus, your holiday poinsettia guide. >> it's either way. poinsettia or poinsettia. it's a special ask the garden guy. >> nor did you say that. >> tomorrow is friday and time for another ask allison. if you have a question, send it to me. head to and click on the morning tab for a link to ask allison. i haven't worn that suit in a long time.
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wonder if it still fits. >> does that suit still fit? this holiday, share everything. share "not even close." share "you owe me..." share "just right." the share everything plan. sharable data across 10 devices with unlimited talk and text. get a droid razr m by motorola for $49.99.
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for more than two years students from cardoza high school have been working on a project called build a house, build a future. part of the academy of construction and design. the students get to see the fruits of their labor all done. joining us is the director of the academy and joined by chester broadway. an 11th grader. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> this day, what a special day. tell us about it. let me start with you s helly. what went into this day? >> we're just so excited after all the hard work of our students. today is the day. we're looking forward to so many of our students coming up
9:43 am
here. the house is staged and we're just excited. this has been a labor of love. the students have taken a long time to complete this. it's done. >> holly morris was out there on a morning show shot. and we're so happy to report the completion. chester, let me ask you what went in from the student's perspective. >> we put our blood, sweat and tears into this project. we did a lot for this project. i'm just happy to see it work. >> can we see a little bit? i know maybe the camera guy there can pan. is there anything we can see or are we stuck there? i believe we have video. as i
9:44 am
continue to talk to shelly. let me ask you about the benefit to these students. >> we find the students who are enrolled in the academy actually are better students. they have better math skills. news in construction you have to have topnotch math skills. if you don't , in a project like this, your top floor could end up in your base amount. the students when they come here, they miss some of their academic classes. they have to work twice as hard to keep up. and as we always report, two thirds of our graduates go off to college and that one-third stays and enters the industry. those results we're very proud of. >> we're looking at this house. this is a good looking home. let me say that . congratulations to you. it's hard to believe this was once just an empty lot. can you believe the way this house looks and what do you hope for the
9:45 am
future inhabitants of this house? >> i hope somebody rents this house some day and i can look back on this i built this house. i can tell my kids i built this house. so yeah. >> what's been the best part for you and your classmates? >> the best part of this we love building stuff. so this was like a great project for us learning our skills like enhancing them. >> let me just finish with you before you give the ribbon cutting information. so what does happen now? this is a beautiful property. what happens next? >> well, this house will go on the market for sale. and the proceeds will go back to the foundation to keep this academy running. and build a house, build a dream, that program does go on yes? >> the program will always continue. we're moving on to our next project.
9:46 am
when we come back from winter break, the students will hopefully be working over at the cardoza renovation project. we're lacking forward to that. >> strong legacy does continue. the ribbon cutting and open house takes place today 10:00 to 11:00 and the address is 5734, 13th street northwest. thanks for joining us. >> thank you so much. >> i'm telling you, i have passed by that 100 times in a week with my daughter's dance school, it is really something. look at that home how pretty. >> how about that for an accomplishment. we built a house. that's great. >> james taylor, jason moraz, baby face, they are in town to help celebrate the 90th annual
9:47 am
lighting of the national christmas tree. >> holly morris is live at the ellipse. >> reporter: neil patrick was rehearsing lines. sang oh, holy night. if you look right over here, see in the front chair? that's rico rodriguez from modern family. he has his mic talking to the production assistance. you saw moments ago baby face. he was up there rehearsing. there's neil patrick harris. he's coming back. he's the host. there he is. they are going through the whole show. it's a whole lot of fun. and i think actually phil phillips is coming up again.
9:48 am
>> rico rodriguez from modern family? i'm starting to do the next act. what are you doing sitting with the first family? >> well, i'm glad you asked. i was talking to the president about joining the first family. >> it's going to be a wonderful show. they work a long time on this. all the performers volunteer. they are not getting paid to be a part of this. this is a special moment. i'm going to bring neil back in. he is the ceo. it's underway and looks like it's a pretty good show. >> the rehearsal is going great. doing their little exchange. and it's going to be a fabulous show. >> how long does the show run on average? >> the show runs an hour. and it's a taped show that will be distributed through pbs. >> who comes up with the script? >> our production team.
9:49 am
we invite the talent and once we have the talent we develop a theme around the show. >> does the talent see the script prior to coming here? >> this show why we spend all year putting the show together during these few days, we write the script and we form the show on site. >> while we listen again for people who aren't familiar with the park service foundation i always ask this. want to explain what it is you do and how you work in conjunction with the park service to do things like this. >> we're the charitable partner of the national parks service and we raised private funds to benefit our national parks. so we create initiative to give people into their parks like the tree lighting or
9:50 am
educational and restoration projects. >> i know 21,000 lucky people get to come don't and be here and see this show. this kicks off the pageant of peace and it's an invitation for everyone to come down here and see the bigotry and enjoy other musical performances. >> it's a community gathering. there's performances every night night. there's 57 state territorial traes. everyone can come down and find their state tree. find about everything going on down here. santa's workshop every year. get your photograph taken with santa or tune in tonight and watch the live stream and see the tree lit up. 50th anniversary doing that. >> and we should say the national christmas tree is using all led lights. if it's good enough for the nation, good enough for you at home. >> absolutely. most energy efficient tree we've ever had.
9:51 am
it's decorated different every year. all the state trees are decorated different. a lot of great ideas. >> thank you so much neil. merry christmas to you . always great to see you. and you can watch the whole show tonight. it will be streaming live online at the we have a link on our web site. sue palka comes down here. and we'll have the lighting live at 6:00. we'll see who else we can get by the end of the show. >> sounds good, holly. thank you. it is time for our fox 5 holiday tradition. send in your ornaments. decorate the tree and give it to a local charity. send your ornament to 5151 wisconsin avenue northwest washington d.c. 20016. put it to the attention of the fox 5 christmas tree. >> thank you very much.
9:52 am
we have a holiday themed edition of ask the garden guy about winter trees plants and flowers. good to see you sir. we have a lot of information. jump right in. first question comes from richard in german town. he says i planted mums in the this fall. what do i have to do to make them thrive? >> if you pass me this one here, this is what you are looking at this time of year. the best thing to do is go ahead and prune out all of this year's folliage. you will have some baby folliage. what you want to do with this to last for years to come is top dressing of really good compost. that's going to enrich the soil and
9:53 am
keep the plant roots with fall and winter. and leaves on top. >> dried leaves? >> yeah. don't be afraid to cover that over. what that's going to do is create aness nes nesseling. you'll get blooms next fall. >> very good. there you go. next questions were sent in on twitter. >> @thomasgardenguy. >> poinsettias. can i plant it outside and will it bloom again? >> what you want to do right now is when you get it home, keep it away from heat vents. put it in an area where it's going to get bright enough light where the
9:54 am
plant is going to be able to create food for itself and not let it dry out. check it three or four times a week. make sure it's not drying out but don't sit it in water. don't have it sitting in a tray of water for more than a couple hours. the plant will last for months. what we see as being attractive is a bract. it's a modified leaf. the leaf is actually changed. altered its own leaf. the flowers are way down inside here and they go away a lot sooner than the actual bracts will. don't put it outside. it's not cold hardy . you can put it outside in the spring once danger of frost has passed. reblooming. it's not worth it unless you can cut down the light. poinsettias bloom based on shortness of day. >> holiday trees. will sugar work in the tree water to help
9:55 am
preserve its life. i have a live tree how do i plant it? >> sugar will not work. don't put sugar. you can buy a tree additive like this. follow the manufacture's instructions. this will prolong the life of the tree. when you get it home, make sure if you are going to be driving around after you buy your tree and they put a fresh cut, get a saw like this. this is available for about $5. if you don't have one, it's a bow saw. put another fresh cut in. about about an hour , that fresh cut is going to close again. if you have a live tree, bring it in late. do it on december 24th and only keep it in for about a week. that's a tree that actually has roots.
9:56 am
>> twitter. >> @thomasgardenguy. >> back with more in a moment. ♪
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at 800-974-6006 tty/v. once you've got it, you get it. we've been checking it out all morning, the acts warming up all morning. that's the frey getting in time. sue will be there for the evening shows. also stream this too so folks can see the entire program. >> and if you are heading out there today dress warm, our high today only 46 degrees. much colder by tonight. so bundle up. light winds but definitely chilly. >> tomorrow of course a special day. stuff a truck 2012 will


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